Specialist Actuary Recruitment Agency

Acumen Resources are a specialist actuarial recruitment agency who with their wealth of knowledge and experience in the actuarial sector, can find a perfect match for candidates looking for a new role or to begin a career in this sector.

A career as an actuary has the reputation for being challenging, diverse and rewarding and as such brings with it excellent opportunities, so competition for roles is fierce. Therefore to maximise your chances of landing a great new actuarial role it is vital that you use as specialist recruitment agency such as Acumen Resources, who have an enviable reputation in the industry and the very best contacts to secure you the role which you are looking for.

The professional friendly team at Acumen Resources use their skills and knowledge to ensure that candidates have the right technical experience needed to progress in the actuarial industry and will assist you every step of the way from CV and interview preparation, to salary negotiation.

For employers looking to recruit actuarial staff, you can rest assured that any candidates that Acumen Resources put forward will have undergone their rigorous selection process to ensure they are suited to your role and company culture.

So whether you are an employer or looking to become an actuary visit their global website or call on +44 (0) 20 3189 2900 for further information.

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